September 3, 2012

Beginning of summer/end of summer

Hi everyone,
Labor Day usually marks the end of summer so I thought I would do a layout that speaks to the beginning of summer.    Our summer began with strawberry picking at Barthel's in Mequon.   I can almost taste the strawberries now.   

The layout is from our new "Make It from Your Heart" how-to book.    I, of course, adapted it to fit my needs.    It highlights all new artwork, technique ideas, color palettes in one easy reference.   Best of all it is only $7.95!!!

Much of today's trends is not using every square inch of your 12 x 12 layout so I thought I would give it a try.    I also did not matte my pictures which tends to be a trend I always do.    

Okay, now that I posted this I just realized I stamped the wrong year!!!!!!    Nothing an embellishment can't fix.    I used our banner alphabet on the left and our journal tags underneath a picture.    Clean and simple!

Now off to change the year!

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