November 14, 2011

November Club

Below are different pictures of our layout that we will be doing for scrapbook club on Friday.   I will be demonstrating the November stamp-of-the-month which is the ticket that can be cut out on the Cricut and then stamped.   Easy - easy - easy!   In addtion, on the volleyball layout I did the spray pen technique which is also fun and easy.   You can see in the school layout I used 2 - smaller pictures in place of the 6 x 4 picture and on the volleyball layout I used a 7 x 5 picture. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!

Remember you can click on the picture to see a larger image of it!!!!

The spray pen on the left side.
 The ticket used for noting the  month.
A close up of the ticket - the 3 stands for the 3rd month and I added a "bling" where the date would go because I just wanted the month.