August 1, 2011

The New Catalog is Available On-line!!!!

Hi everyone!
The day is finally here - the reveal of the new catalog.    My wish list is already very long - good thing the catalog is available for the next six months.   Some important news below:

Prices for stamps and the B & T paper kits have been REDUCED!!!   Not too many companies are reducing prices right now so this is wonderful news.

Stamp prices are as follows:

Size     New Price           Old Price
A            $6.95                $7.95
  B            $9.95                $13.95
 C            $13.95              $18.95
 D            $17.95              $22.95
                                E             $29.95          $34.95

    B & T Paper is now cardstock quality and costs $9.95 vs. $12.95.


You can take an on-line look at the idea book by clicking right on the catalog on the right-hand side of my blog.  Enjoy!   If you'd like your own copy of the idea book please email me or post a comment and I will get one to you.   Thanks!

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